In 1990, I resurfaced my own retro kitchen countertops using a small manual tile cutter. I discovered that setting tile provided a therapeutic creative outlet, and as time went on, I began doing jobs for family and friends and utilizing the revenue to invest in the tools and education of the trade. I expanded my knowledge into the installation of all hard surface materials; hardwood, engineered wood, laminate, luxury vinyl tile, vinyl composite tile, every type of tile and plank on the market.

In 2000, my daughter, Alison Sanchez, began working with me. I also ran a newspaper ad and began hiring people. What had started as a hobby grew to encompass several installation crews in the wake of a thriving remodeling business. In 2010, I expanded my business to offer basement finishing as well as kitchen and bathroom remodeling. I became a licensed contractor in Indiana and Kentucky. Alison and I both became nationally certified in tile and wood installations. I am also certified in Schluter Systems, lead, and mold abatement.

Even today, I find enjoyment in my work. I am involved in a couple of networking organizations, one of which I am the group leader of. In my free time, LOL which is not that much, I enjoy playing board games, reading, cooking and traveling abroad.

Thoughts About Remodeling

Today remodeling is stronger than ever. And, new construction is strong again. I have a great reputation in the industry both among fellow contractors and numerous satisfied clients. I’m very good, talented in fact at what I do. I continue to build a strong, close-knit network of industry professionals that have proven track records, a commitment to excellence in quality of work and customer service. This network consists of painters, plumbers, electricians, roofers, gardeners, heating and air comfort specialists, and several more skilled trade professionals.

Whatever your home improvement needs, I can help.